Advanced Red Light Technology (ART) utilizes a combination of targeted light wavelengths, found naturally in sunlight, that have been shown to stimulate positive biological processes supporting the body’s self-healing mechanisms:

  • Smoother, more radiant skin
  • Reduces inflammation and pain
  • Improves blood flow
  • Enhances cellular function
  • Aids in muscle recovery

The carefully engineered combination of Red Light and Near-Infrared Light found in the ART device works synergistically to increase blood flow targeting the skin, muscles, organs, connective tissue, and bones.

Producing the most effective light therapy system requires careful engineering that balances the amount of energy emitted from each diode, the total amount of energy emitted from the device, and the distance between the light source and the body. Advanced Red Light Technology has been engineered with these factors in mind, making the ART 28 the
only device on the market today maximizing these efficiencies.

ART can be used long-term to improve skin health, assist with pain management, and improve athletic performance.

Treatment of Inflammation: The ART 28 improves chronic pain and inflammation by increasing blood flow to the damaged tissues as well as flushes the lymphatic system to promote body detoxification. Our technology increases cellular energy which helps combat arthritis, improves joint health and lowers inflammation and stress.

Muscle Recovery: The Near-Infrared Light in the ART 28 has been shown to improve strength and muscle recovery. Many professional athletes use Near-Infrared Light to shorten their recovery time after hard training sessions or competitions.

Pain Relief: The ART 28 provides a full body treatment in just 10 minutes. With direct light contoured specifically to the end user’s body, The ART 28 can actually treat the user’s source of pain instead of just covering up the symptoms like pharmaceutical drugs.

Skin Smoothing/Wrinkle Reduction: The ART 28 gives the skin a smoother, more radiant looking appearance.